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Please Read Our Funding Guidelines Prior to Filling Out The Application Below
We know how much you love your pet and we wish we could help everyone. Unfortunately we are limited by our funds so the Board of Rose's Fund for Animals has established the following guidelines. 

When there is a situation where the pet or found animal has a good chance of being well, but the owner or Good Samaritan can’t afford it, this fund will help cover the cost. The veterinarian should call the fund only after the owner has used his/her own resources and applied for a care credit card. We will then assist the owner to the best of our abilities in making a payment towards the bill. The veterinarian or representative will call the fund and the payment will go directly to the practice.

Below are three general guidelines used in making funding decisions. However, every request will be reviewed on a case by case basis and Rose’s Fund for Animals reserves the right to either grant or deny a funding assistance request without further explanation.

1) The pet/found animal must have a life-threatening illness, injury or condition.

2) The illness, injury or condition must require immediate or prompt veterinary intervention in order for the pet/found animal to survive.

3) The veterinarian's prognosis (in the veterinarian's best professional judgment) should indicate a positive outcome.

In addition, final funding decisions will be based on resources available. 

The following are not funded under our current guidelines. This should not be considered as all inclusive:
1) Medical care for pets with a poor prognosis or already deceased.
2) Medical bills already covered by other resources.
3) Cancer diagnosis or treatments.
4) Spay/Neuter or routine medical care or vaccinations.
5) Dental Care.
6) Maintenance medicines.
7) Preventable diseases caused by lack of vaccinations or lack of veterinary care. (exceptions made for rescued animals already with the disease).

It is expected that the guardian will contribute to the cost of treatment to the fullest extent possible. Repayment of free loan fund- we ask those that have received financial assistance and are able, to help replenish the fund. This assures that funding is accessible, and enables even one small contribution to go a long way and have a share in extending many more loans. Making sure that money will be available to help save the next pet.

The veterinary practice and owner/guardian consents to allow Rose’s Fund for Animals the use of any pictures, practice name and descriptions of medical care for the purposes of promotion and fund raising. Please see the application form attached for further details of funding options.
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* Applications must be sent with a care credit approval showing the amount or the denial.

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I attest that the information I have provided to Rose’s Fund for Animals is accurate and complete. I give my consent for the above mentioned medical care. I understand that Rose’s Fund for Animals assumes no liability and makes no assurances as to the appropriateness, quality or outcome of any medical diagnosis, treatment, products or services. I consent to allow Rose’s Fund for Animals the use of any pictures, and description of medical care for the purposes of promotion and fundraising. 
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